Why do people look the way they do? Is their inner person a reflection of their outer person and vice versa? Faces can be seen everywhere around, not only from people you encounter on a daily basis, but also in magazines, newspapers,on the internet or on tv.  What do these people think, what are their ideas?  Research to these features keeps me (Marcelle van der Leeuw 1956) quite busy and I try to depict it.


From 2005 till 2008 I followed an education at the art academy Artez (CABK) in Zwolle, the Netherlands. After that I attended several  art classes and courses, among them at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam and the Classical Academy in Groningen. In 2013 I won an award with the portrait 'L'amour bon gré, mal gré'. This award consisted of a series of 14 masterclasses given by well known Dutch portrait artists like Sam Drukker, Hendrik Elings, Herman van Hoogdalem and Gerard van de Weerd.

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